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I have been working in web design for over 10 years, previously employed at a successful Digital Agency in Bristol. Now offering website design in Keynsham, I create WordPress websites for small to medium size businesses. I offer a full website service from domain registration through to website design, hosting and promotion.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a Content Management System that helps to make websites more dynamic whilst giving you much more control and updating capabilities. It offers everything you need to create a strong web presence for your business.

It is a very powerful tool, both user-friendly and intuitive it requires less of a learning curve compared to a lot of more complex systems out there. It is the best choice when creating a content-driven site because of its ease of use but also because of its Search Engine Optimisation capabilities with an excellent array of plugins available. WordPress is also without doubt the best solution for creating and running a blog, which can be standalone or setup within a page based website.

Content management systems are very popular but sometimes require a more advanced setup, with a database at the back-end. The key benefit is that it enables you to have constant access to your website pages and content, allowing you to update in real time.

What are my costs?

The basic cost for setting up a WordPress driven website starts from £499, but the final cost will depend on the complexity of the site and add-ons. We will need to consider the amount of time needed to build the site, the cost of the theme, any customisation needed, plus any training. I normally allow 2-4 weeks to get the site from concept to completion. If you require extra functionality or have specific needs we can discuss this before any work commences.

You should also consider initial costs for your domain name purchase, a premium WordPress theme and yearly web hosting – averaging between £150-£200 for these three things, depending on what options you go for.

Please contact me today if you would like to kick start your web presence and get your business out there for everyone to see.

Website Design Keynsham

Why use me?

If you are thinking why use me to setup, develop and host your WordPress site, then below are just some of the key reasons:

  • Can help install, configure and manage things that you may know nothing about.
  • Save you time and money, as well as giving you peace of mind so you can concentrate on running your business/organisation.
  • Offer fast and reliable managed WordPress hosting without limits.
  • Use state of the art UK data centre offering stable web hosting.
  • Ongoing personal help and support for your website.
  • Installation of new plugins and features.
  • Monthly backups of databases and files.
  • Ongoing updates to keep everything secure.