Online Marketing

If you have an existing site but aren’t getting the traffic or sales you expected, then there could be some obvious reasons for this.

Presuming you have done your market research, then you will know if there is demand for your product or service. If the demand is there, then that is where I come in.

Online marketing is key to future business success – Ultimately it helps you get more traffic and more potential customers. Three services I can provide are Search Engine Optimisation, Pay per Click advertising and Landing Page Optimisation.

Search Engine Optimisation

This is the ongoing process of improving your website content for search engines. In short, making it more relevant to potential customer searches in the likes of Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Website Analysis and Recommendations Document: £125
Ongoing Search Engine Optimisation: Full site fee or £25 per hour

Pay per Click

This is a faster track to increased visibility and traffic, involving the creation of adverts that are displayed when customers search for keyterms that you define. As the name suggests, this is a pay per click model and you simply pay a set amount each time someone clicks on you advert. You set your own monthly budget and you never spend more than that, making it a very manageable solution.

Analysis and Setup fee: £250 one off payment
Monthly Management and Ongoing Optimisation: £25 per hour

Landing Page Optimisation

This is often an overlooked part of the process, but what is the point of getting more visitors if your website isn’t converting them in to customers. It is a crucial step to any online marketing campaign. If your website landing pages aren’t up to scratch then you are wasting your time and money. If we can identify and create better landing pages, then you can in turn, increase your conversion rates for sales and enquiries.

Analysis and Page Optimisation/Creation: £25 per hour


Please contact me to discuss my web promotion services in more detail.